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GATI helps you create

digital assets, NFT's for your artwork 

Fine Art

Fine art has traditionally been acquired from galleries, art dealers and directly from an artist. GATI is the connector that aligns the art with it's market via the blockchain and our algorithim.


GATI is empowering artists with NFT utility to enhance the world of art. Converging the experiences together, we've created a community where Artists and Collectors can thrive in the digital space as well as the physical.


We strive to bring insights to develop, mentor, market, and sell the works of all makers.
Artists, Photographers, Painters, Musicians, Sculptors, Dancers, etal, as we say,

Let art be ARTE!
The mission of GATI is to match the Manfredi Lighthouse of Gianicolo (Janiculum) which has the best panorama of Rome as a site to see the infinite beauty and possibilities of our landscape.

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Community Leader

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Richard Krevolin

Brand Narrative & Artist

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Raphael Gross


Art Dealer, Innovator and Strategic Partner

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Cydel Micah Giraudel

NFT Visionary, Kite Surfer, 
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