How many digital assests are we creating?

  • Most NFT Value

    5 digital assets

    upload and manage up to 5 digital assets
    • 4 week GATI digital asset training
    • telling your story
    • GATI will promote and sell you creations
    • social media creation and drops
  • Self Service

    upload and manage one digital asset
    • E-commerce sales of one digital asset
    • Digital creation of NFT on open platform
    • One time social media creation and share to the GATI tribe
  • Concierge Service

    Every month
    upload and manage up to 12 digital assets
    • Full Service sales curation and promotion
    • Story telling sessions
    • Social Media creation for each asset
    • unlimited phone support
    • Workshops included
    • 1. The Fine Artist Goes Digital
    • 2. What Kind of Art lends itself to NFT's
    • 3. Why should Art Collectors/Lovers Care about NFT's
    • 4. Investment Opportunities with ART and NFT's
    • 5. Telling Your Story
  • NFT Masterclass

    upload and manage up to 25 digital images
    • Training to create your own digital assets
    • Learn the difference between all the NFT platforms
    • Why should I be including an NFT with my art
    • One on One time to tell your story and create a sizzle real
    • Work with our team to build your brand and sales channel

Artist Onboarding

Current art sales

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